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Fangbo is currently the founding director of Neuro-Symbolic Lab in Alibaba, leading the effort of building cognitive AI systems that can lead to "waking up of consciousness". For more information, follow wechat channel Mindverse (关注微信公众号Mindverse).

He was a senior research scientist of Facebook and obtained his PhD degreen from Computer Science at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His advisor was Dr Jiawei Han from Data Mining Group.

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Research Intern, Microsoft Research

  • Research intern in both MSR, redmond and Bing division.

  • Focus on data mining, database, social network and data warehouse technologies

Research Assistant, Data Mining Group, UIUC

  • Advised by Prof. Jiawei Han.

  • Focus on data mining, database, social network and data warehouse technologies

  • Try to build mining systems that can integrate technologies in different mining area.

Research Intern, Next Generation Data Mining LAB, University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Advised by Prof. Philip S. Yu.

  • Focus on the information diffusion model in networks, especially in heterogeneous one

  • Propose an metapath-based model and introduce automata technologies to this area

Research Assistant, Institute of Information Systems and Engineering, Tsinghua University

  • Completed a social network mining project. The resulting paper has been accepted by International Conference on Social Computing and its Applications (SCA 2011).


EventCube plus Information Network Analysis

EventCube is a flagship system, which is the first, integrated information/social network mining, data mining, and text mining system. It integrates many fresh research results in the related fields and lead to a new generation of information systems.[paper][system][slides]

Research Insight

In this system demo, we take a computer science research publica- tion network as an example, which is an information net- work derived from an integration of DBLP, other web-based information about researchers, and partially available cita- tion data, and construct a Research-Insight system in order to demonstrate the power of database-oriented information network analysis. [paper][system][slides]

Part-time Projects

5th Dimension: Interactive 3D Modeling System

Human-Computer Interaction with gestures and body actions is a hot area these years. From 2 years ago, I start leading a research/engineering project called "5th Dimension: An Interactive 3D Modeling System". This project covers Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Vision and Graphics. Common interactive products, for example Wii and Kinect, focus on "action commands" without concerning the precise location of each signal source from users. Such kind of technologies can't be used to design precise 3D models. In order to enable designers to use their hands, instead of mouses, to make electronic models, we design a complete command system using 6 different fingers, capture users' intentions and modeling 3D models in the background. What's more, we also constract a image feedback system: The image display will determined by the position of user's eyes, so that from user's perspective, the imgae from the screen will coincide with the "virtual model" between user's hands.

This project is supported by Software Student Research Project(SSRT) funding with the amount of 3000$ in Tsinghua University.

Onyx OS: A Course Platform

As the project leader. We design and realize a modern operating system, which is used as the platform of the undergraduate course.

"Introduction to Operating System" in Tsinghua University. This OS has several modern features: 1. Based on Macro-Kernel 2. It support multi-tasks 3. A simple file system and page-based virtual memory 4. Use processes to manage taskes 5. It is open! Student can make small games and applications on this platform.

Credible Mobile Social Network Design Based on Ad hoc Network

This work is a social network system security solution, based upon ad-hoc network, providing credibility to the social application, and can easily be migrated to other applications based on ad-hoc network. We have a group consists of three undergraduate student of Tsinghua University.

The network to which the solution is applied consists of two parts; the underlying driver and the application. The driver forms ad-hoc net between different mobiles. The application provides a way to several social activities such as blog, chat, make friends and so on.

A multifunctional 3D campus map based on Mobile platforms

As the core menber. We design a java-based 3D campus application. In this application, we generate a 3D map for Tsinghua University. For student users, especially for freshmen, they can search for the shortest path between two buildings in the campus(Tsinghua is so large that freshmen always get lost in it). It also enable student to store important informations about courses and appointments in it. Using GPS location data, we construct a "local student network" for the users who are in the same teaching building or in a same area.

In order to extend our application, we made a "map editor" for other universities. This project won the third prize in Challenge Cup in Tsinghua University.

iOS Version of Qingxin Media

Qingxin Media is the largest media platform all over the Tsinghua University. We digitalized the traditional newspaper and developed an iOS version client for Qingxin Media. It is the first mobile media platform all over the Chinese campus newspapers.

Qingxin Media supports real-time news update, image gallery and online survey on the hottest campus topics.

Car Detection in Parking Lots Based-on Photos

It is a project designed for parking square. By recognizing the photos from parking lots cameras, we can calculate the amount of cars in the parking square and locate each car precisely. The purpose of this project is help to manage the parking lots. This project also won the 1st for Beijing Software Competition.


The People Who Are Crazy Enough to Think They Can Change the World, Are the Ones Who Do.

Steve Jobs

Co-founder, Kantwait. is an online one-stop shop for local stores and a public transportation system for merchandise. We do this by providing all of our available stores on one convenient website and delivering along a set route.’s Standard service crowd-sources part of the delivery process by having the customers meet the delivery driver at a stop called a Point at a specific time depending on the restaurant or store they ordered from and the Point they’ve chosen.

I founded the company with Lei Jin and Aaron Dai in May 2013.

Co-founder and CTO,

Yunying is a full-service Chinese social media data mining company that acquires, analyzes, and provides data for companies looking to pursue targeted and effective social media strategies in China.

Using our influence software and data mining algorithms, Yunying allows for companies to maximize value by matching advertisers and business developers with the most influential individuals and groups in their field.

Yunying allows key accessibility and local advantage to companies that wish to engage social media to sell products in China without investing on infrastructure inside the country or specialized China-specific social media operations staff.

I founded the company with Gavin Newton-Tanzer and Yang Chen in March, 2012.

Early employee, Infobox

Infobox is a campus-based local information platform. It starts from a social entrepreneurship "Shuimu Philanthropy Mobile Newspaper", which focus on information delivery by SMS and push customized information to university students for free, on the self-developed technology platform, covering over 40,000 users in 17 universities.

Infobox now is a website that provide information services for universities in China.

Social Life

President of Students' Union, School of Software, Tsinghua University

During 09/2008 to 05/2011. I was a member (president from 05/2010) of Student Union, School of Software, Tsinghua University. We holds more than 30 different kinds of activities and programs for more than 800 students in our school, including the Tenth Anniversary Celebration for School of Software, singing contest, dancing parties, freshmen promotion program, interview training....

It is one of the best memories in my life! We have a team of more than 60 passional students!

Volunteer Works

The world need our social responsibility, because some parts of it are really really fragile.

In 2009 summer, some friends and I consisted a team for the earthquake stricken area of Sichuan. We spent more than two weeks there helping the people who lose their homes and children who lost their parents. After this, we provided educational support for an orphan for more than 3 years.

Besides, we also act as teachers, provide teaching in 3 different schools in remote and poor area of China. Sichuan, Hunan, Beijing, etc.